In favour of sensible development

“Anti-everything” is just lazy politics.

Are the people who use this label “pro-everything” no matter how bad it is?

I’m a strong supporter of sensible development that is the right scale for the area and doesn’t lock out the locals from our public spaces, or trash our natural environment.

I also prefer developments that keep profits local and contribute to our community through local jobs and amenity.

I’m proud to have supported some multimillion developments over the last four years including:

  • The Wintringham Aged Care facility which is allowing our more vulnerable senior citizens, without the means to go into private care, to live with dignity
  • The Glebe Hill shopping centre – a development that truly meets a need in the community
  • A Whisky distillery and tasting experience in Cambridge – a good addition to a number of vineyards in this area
  • A new state-of-the art plumbing school at TAFE in Warrane
  • An extension to the Lilian Martin Aged Care facility in Mornington.

I’ve also supported numerous infill developments where the number of units on a block doesn’t cause serious issues for neighbours in terms of traffic, overshadowing or loss of privacy.

Rather that throwing around labels like “anti-everything”, have a look at my voting record.

Glebe Hill Shopping Centre car park and decorated shade sail
Wintringham Aged Care – ageing with dignity

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