About Beth Warren

EC9EBA06-CEC2-414C-9DA7-BB14DDC7F0A2I’ve lived in Lindisfarne most of my life, with brief stints in Burnie, Bracknell (UK) and Howrah.

It was a joy to send my boys to the same schools I went to; Lindisfarne North, Rose Bay High and Rosny College (actually I went to the now defunct Geilston Bay High, but my sister went to Rose Bay).

My mother still lives in the house I grew up in.

Eastern Shore people may remember me as Beth Short.

I’ve worked as a teacher, software engineer, trainer, business analyst, project manager, director of communications, adviser to the Minister of Corrections and Consumer Affairs, and Assistant Director of Policy and Projects in the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services division of the Department of Justice, and Assistant Director of the COVID vaccination program in the Department of Health.

The common threads in this wide range of roles have been the ability to quickly get to grips with new things, and then be able to explain them in plain English to other people.

I’ve worked in senior leadership roles in government for nearly 20 years, and private industry before that. I know how local government and state government work, I love a good strategic planning session, and I’ve worked with building and planning legislation and local councils around the state for four years.

I have the right skills and experience to represent you on the Clarence City Council for the next four years.

In my spare time, I sing with the TSO Chorus, I write, I’m a former board member of the Story Island Project, and currently a member of the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board.

I’m a passionate and active member of the Tasmanian and Australian Greens, because I believe we can provide a decent life for everyone and protect our special, unique places at the same time.

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