Since you asked…

Why are you standing for Mayor?

The Mayor sets the direction for Council. The people of Clarence deserve better. They deserve a council that is making decisions in their best interests, not in the best interests of big developers.

I’ve held leadership roles in government for nearly 20 years and worked with councils around Tasmania on the introduction of new building legislation.

I want to offer these skills to the people of Clarence to set the Council back on a path of making decisions that respect the residents and put people before profit.

In 2018 I came close, being third in the vote for Mayor.

I started attending Council meetings a year before the election in 2018.

I understand meeting procedure.

I know how government works.

I understand building and planning legislation.

I’m passionate about protecting the places that make us special and I support sensitive development that enhances our recreational spaces rather than locks us out.

Why did you stand as a Green rather than an independent?

Anyone who says they don’t believe in party politics in local government hasn’t been paying attention.

In the last four years three “independent” Clarence Aldermen stood for preselection for the Liberal Party.

It was similar in Hobart City Council.

At least I’m honest about my political leanings.

What’s important is the values I hold – governing for the people, not big business, protecting the places that make us special, sensible development that enhances rather than detracts, smart management of our resources and waste.

Those are the values of the Greens.

But every member of the Greens has a conscience vote so I am not controlled by the Party on local issues. If they don’t like the way I vote they won’t preselect me next time.

There’s a good network of Greens on local councils now. There are some really exciting things happening in Kingborough and Hobart and it’s good to be able to work with my Green colleagues to bring some of those ideas to Clarence.