About Clarence

Most of us think of the suburbs that make up Clarence, rather than thinking of this section of the Eastern Shore of Hobart as a city.

If you live in Old Beach, Risdon Vale, Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne or Rose Bay, Warrane or Mornington, Richmond, Dulcot or Cambridge, Bellerive, Howrah or Tranmere, Rokeby, Oakdowns, or Lauderdale, Cremorne, Sandford, Clifton, South Arm or Opossum Bay or Mt Rumney, Acton Park or Seven Mile Beach, you’re part of Clarence.

We know this is the “sunny sub-tropical Eastern Shore” – always a couple of degrees warmer than our Western neighbours. We have beautiful beaches, nature reserves, wooded hills, cycle ways and sporting grounds.

Clarence map