How is my campaign funded?

I’m running a pretty lean campaign. It’s only fair you know how it’s funded.

I think I have 26 posters – 20 new ones and 6 left over from the 2018 election. So you may see my face the size of a planet around the traps.

My budget is currently $2500, provided by the Tasmanian Greens, for which I’m grateful.

Candidates are not allowed to spend more than $18,000. That’s a lot!

I’d prefer to think I’m running on my track record of the last four years.

As always, the Greens don’t take donations from unethical organisations and we know that bigger isn’t always better.

So we’ll keep listening to the people and representing your views as best we can without being beholden to any organisation or vested interest. Ask your other candidates where their donations are coming from.

The Greens are also assisting with doorknocking. While you won’t see me at your door you might meet my running mate Jade Darko (who is younger and has better legs than me).

I’ll continue to do what I do best – share council stuff with you on Facebook and this website.

I’m also up for coffee and a chat and plan to make my way around the local cafes during the weeks leading up to the election in October.

Come and share your issues or just have a chat (so I don’t look too lonely).

Or invite me to your local gathering.

If you do want to contribute to my campaign, please just like and share my posts and say nice things about me to everyone you know who votes in Clarence.

We know word of mouth from a trusted source is the best recommendation there is.

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