I’m just like you…

Is there something in here you identify with?

  • I grew up in a single-parent family with very little money.
  • I’ve been single, I’ve been married, I’m single again.
  • I’m a mother, daughter, sister, friend.
  • I’ve rented, I’ve owned a house, I currently have a mortgage.
  • I’ve worked for the public service and in private industry in Tasmania and the UK.
  • I’ve worked full time, part time, on casual contracts, I’ve been a stay at home mother, I’ve now left the workforce.
  • I’m on a fixed income.
  • I drive an 8 year old Barina.
  • I have a minor disability (but it means I get to use a really cool walking stick).

I’ve lived life and have the life experiences to show for it and to better understand the people I represent.

Beth Warren in Clarence Council meeting

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