Protecting our special places

Did you visit Bellerive Fort when you were young?

We used to run down the tunnels and dare each other to stop in the darkest corners.

It was spooky, but exhilarating! We’d sit astride the cannon and look down the Derwent River, trying to imagine Hobart under attack.

Luckily this fort never saw active service, but the memory of darker days still seems to linger in its stone walls.

The Fort has a special place in the memories and hearts of Eastern Shore residents.

So it’s alarming to discover that in 2010 the Clarence City Council earmarked it for development, along with Kangaroo Bay, Rosny Hill, Richmond and Risdon Cove.


Is this a decision that benefits the residents?

I’d like to see a council that protects and enhances our special places, without locking us out or negatively impacting on the nearby residents.


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