Respecting your neighbours

Somewhere along the way the Bellerive Oval has grown into the monolithic Blundstone Arena.

I don’t follow cricket (sorry!) but I will admit to a sneaking pride when big matches were broadcast from Bellerive with the beautiful River Derwent as the backdrop.

Now all you see are the grandstands, giant fly-swatter lights and the shadows cast on neighbouring houses.

Imagine the power needed for those lights to make it seem like daylight on the ground.

Imagine those lights shining directly into your windows at night if you live anywhere in the vicinity, including right up the hill to Waverley Street.

Imagine hearing all the patrons leaving late at night, leaving their litter in your front yard, collecting their car where they’ve parked it partly across your driveway, and “making do” with the nearest bush if they’re caught short on the way.

Imagine not even being able to drive to and from your house on match days because of the traffic.

Now imagine the Clarence City Council extending the hours during which this venue can operate.

You’d be cross, right?

A public meeting organised by the community was well attended and it was good to see some aldermen, the General Manager and one of the Directors of the Tasmanian Cricket Association also there and willling to answer questions.

If you’d like to add your voice, drop the Council a line. They love to get feedback.

Blundstone Arena, Bellerive

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