Kangaroo Bay

I was a student at Rosny College while the Tasman Bridge was down following an unfortunate incident with the Lake Illawarra ship.

I used to walk around Kangaroo Bay to catch the ferry into town.

The commuter car park is now a recreational area guarded by this friendly, if somewhat oddly-proportioned, kangaroo.

When the bridge re-opened, people gleefully took to their cars again.

But now traffic congestion means thoughts are turning back to ferries as an alternative form of transport.

I’m concerned about where such a ferry terminal might go. Clarence City Council has sold this prime public land to a developer. The planned development threatens to overwhelm the waterfront, increase traffic and reduce access for locals.

There are a number of developments currently planned in the Clarence region – like the one at Rosny Hill – that seem out of scale, and not in the best interests of residents.

Development should enhance our recreational areas, not restrict access or lock us out.

I want to be part of a Council that listens to, and respects  its residents and puts their interests before those of big developers who are just out to make a profit.


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