Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Reserve

What do you expect from something called a Nature Recreation Reserve?

Somewhere peaceful to walk, with natural bushland, birds, flowers – or a 100 room hotel, conference centre and two restaurants?

That’s the reality facing residents of Rosny Hill at the moment, with the proposed Rosny Hill development threatening to destroy this peaceful oasis.

I visited today and parked in the small car park where the walking track begins. There was a couple, hand in hand, just setting out. I wonder if they’ll still choose to walk around the perimeter of a hotel?

A resident from Haven Court, which backs onto the Reserve, told me she’s comfortable letting her 14 year old daughter run around that track, but won’t feel the same way once the development is there.

Leaving the car park, I realised how dangerous the road was – I couldn’t see round the blind bend, and it was barely wide enough for two cars. Imagine tourist buses, hotel and conference guests, and service vehicles increasing the traffic by maybe 400 vehicles a day.

This doesn’t seem like a development proposed with the residents in mind.

Photo of Rosny Hill
Rosny Hill – imagine this with accommodation “pods” and bush reduced to meet bushfire requirements.

Photo of the information sign on Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Reserve

Sign saying Rosny Hill Nature Reserve
“This scenic track undulates around the perimeter of the reserve offering views of the Tasman Bridge, Mount Wellington, Bellerive and Kangaroo Bay.”


  1. Hi I am near sixty these days living in the nw coast. But I grew up on that hill. No parents. All the neighbourhood kids. On our bikes. Free all day. Playing in the bush. Five minutes from the city but able to really grow playing in the bush on the hill. I love that place it made our neighbourhood It must never change. A place to be free with your mates and pets a place to have a great day while still only five minutes from home A safe place to have real fun as a kid

  2. Thanks Anna. It was a beautiful day yesterday. I just can’t imagine how the Hill would look with a huge unsympathetic development on it.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Janice. These places are what make us special. My boys go walking and running on Natone Hill in Lindisfarne. I’d hate to see anything encroach on that skyline.
    We need places to breathe!

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