Beth Warren for Clarence City Council

I care about Clarence. It’s where I live, work and hang out with friends and family.

I care about the things that make us special – like beautiful beaches on our doorstep, wooded hills, and cycling and walking tracks that connect our suburbs.

Before 2018, I was worried that our Council didn’t respect the residents of Clarence and was making decisions that were not in our best interests.

That’s why I stood for Mayor and Alderman as a Greens candidate in the October 2018 elections.  I’m proud to have represented you for the last four years, after receiving the third highest vote.

I want to work with the people of Clarence to protect the places that make us special – to follow a vision for sensitive, sympathetic development that enhances our favourite recreational places rather than locks us out. Development of the right size and scale, that is accessible to all, and protects our environment and threatened species for our grandchildren to enjoy.

I want Clarence to maintain its reputation as the lifestyle city on the “sunny, subtropical Eastern shore”. We don’t need to compete with Hobart for monolithic buildings and traffic density (except on cricket days).

I stand for

  • genuine community consultation – before decisions are made
  • transparent processes – what we are doing, and why
  • protecting our natural environment – from coastal erosion, plastic pollution and predictable weather events

Join me on the journey.

Beth Warren - profile photo with greens logo

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