Media Release 26 August 2022

Clarence Councillor Beth Warren has announced that she will be nominating for Mayor.

‘I want to give the people of Clarence a real choice,’ Beth said. ‘Someone who understands their concerns and represents their voice in decisions.’

‘I want Clarence to be a Council that works collaboratively for the best outcomes for the people who live here. That means appropriate scale development that doesn’t lock up our public spaces or impact on the amenity of neighbours,’ she said. ‘I’ve been a proud supporter of good development which keeps profits local and provides value to the people of Clarence.’

‘With 191 kms of coastline, and several suburbs subject to flooding, we need to do much more to address the impacts of climate change by ensuring our stormwater infrastructure is fit for purpose. We need to plant more trees instead of clearing land for new subdivisions, to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that our communities remain liveable in increasing temperatures.’

‘I want to ensure that all residents of Clarence are seeing a decent return in their area for their rates, with access to recreational space and good public facilities, and well-maintained roads and footpaths.’

‘There’s much we can do to address the cost of living and the availability of housing, by helping ratepayers reduce their power bills by moving to renewable energy, and putting sensible caps on AirBnB properties which favour residents and “mum and dad” investors over accommodation entrepreneurs.’

‘During my four years as a Councillor on Clarence City Council, I’ve worked hard to share the business of Council so people understand what we’re doing, and why.

‘I’ve worked for a kinder, more inclusive, more environmentally aware Council through chairing the Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee, the Natural Resources Management Committee and the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group. I’ve kept an eye on risks as a member of the Audit Panel.’

I will continue to push for transparency and accountability in all council business.’

Beth said she was delighted to be joined by candidate Jade Darko in representing the Tasmanian Greens.

‘There are many political affiliations within the current Council. We’re just being honest about ours. By proudly stating that we are members of the Greens, you know that we stand for people over profit, protecting the environment, and transparent, accountable government.’

Beth Warren

Authorised by Debra Rees, 298 Argyle Street, North Hobart, 7000

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